Advantages of Using Email Marketing Services

Email marketing can enhance your general business communications and help you target specific key markets. It can be both a cost-effective as well as an environmentally friendly method of promotional advertising. There are a various marketing advantages to using email marketing services.

Common Advantages of Using Email Marketing Services
When you compare email marketing to other types of marketing such as snail mail marketing, television ads, newspaper and/or other printed media ads, or radio ads, Email marketing is considerably less expensive and in most cases provides a much faster response. There are no extra costs or fees for printing, postage, artwork, etc... When you compare email to standard snail email, you get a much higher response rate, and the average value of your orders is higher for e-commerce companies when you use direct email marketing.

Email marketing can be a very convenient and effective way to maintain a connection with your customers while also advertising your products and/or services.
With our Enflyer Email marketing services, our customers are able to maintain a list of email addresses. The list can be segmented based on customer information such as customers’ spending habits, interests, and other important customer criteria. Our customers can then create emails based on the segmented information and send them out to targeted members of their list. These emails provide them with a personalized message that includes information they have requested or matches one of their interests. This is how we help our clients build trust and customer loyalty while they are also increasing their advertising and sales.

Email Marketing Campaigns
There are a number of different types of email marketing campaigns. These start out with a welcome email message thanking your new contact for subscribing to your opt-in email list. You can use welcome letters to give your contacts important information about your business, and you can even request specific information from your contacts. This can help you put them into proper categories so you can “target market” to them later.

Other email marketing campaigns can consist of sending product and/or service announcements to your customers, company newsletters or coupons/coupon codes for future purchases. Each email message should contain your company’s information. Incentive programs that provide your contacts with a promo code for discounted purchases can also help you monitor the efficacy of your campaign and help you determine your contacts’ purchasing interests and habits.

Our Enflyer Email marketing software gives our customers an efficient way to reach their target markets and maintain connections with their purchasing base. We can help retain your current customers while you also target new markets. We can help guide your with an effective email marketing campaign.