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7 Tips For High Converting Email Marketing Campaigns

Email is a medium that has stood the test of time. Sending out emails to prospective customers is one of the oldest online marketing methods. Many businesses, however, remain clueless about how to get the most out of their email marketing campaigns. If you don't want to belong to this group, then keep reading and discover some useful tips for creating an email marketing program that brings in new sales leads, builds solid relationships with customers, and boosts revenue.

Grow Your Email List

It goes without saying that the larger your list, the greater your marketing capabilities get. But you do not want to grow your list just for the sake of making it as big as you possibly can. Just like driving traffic to your site, you want people who are genuinely interested in your business to subscribe to your list. There are plenty of ways to achieve this. If you already have an opt-in form in your site, that is a good first step. But make it more effective by trying out different layouts and creating pop-up invitations. Split testing can help you determine what works best for your website.

Come Up With An Email Marketing Plan For The Entire Year

Your email marketing plan must include all messages you want to deliver for the whole year. You don't want to plan your campaigns monthly. It is best to anticipate special events and holidays so you can stay ahead of the curve. This allows you to plan your content and make sure that they do not overlap. Sending out an email once per week is a good target. Be sure to spend some time working backward and plan all your emails for the coming months.

Segment Your List

You might have thousands upon thousands of subscribers, but how can you ensure that you are delivering the right messages to them? This can be achieved by segmenting your list. By dividing your list into different target groups, you can fine-tune your messages and enjoy higher open rates. Sending the most relevant emails to users according to what stage they are in your sales funnel can also bring down opt-out and unsubscribe rates.

Personalize Your Messages

One of the best ways to build customer loyalty is by sending out personal messages. This doesn't merely involve including their names in your emails. Think about greeting your customers on their birthday and anniversary, referring to places or landmarks near them, and suggesting other products based on their shopping history.

Create Compelling Subject Lines

The biggest factor influencing the open rates of emails is subject lines. Be sure that they accurately describe what your subscribers are about to read. At the same time, the subject lines must pique their interest and compel them to click through. You must also avoid using certain words such as "percent off" and "free" as you might trigger spam filters. In general, asking a question, presenting a call to action, mentioning the benefit of your product or service, and showing a sense of urgency all make excellent subject lines.

Listen To Customer Feedback

Nothing can help you optimize your email marketing campaigns more effectively than customer feedback. One good way to know what your readers like and dislike about your emails is by asking them to answer surveys. You can ask them things such as whether they're getting relevant messages or if they want to reduce the frequency of your emails.

Keep Track Of Response Rates

You must monitor your response rates to gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns. Aside from click-through and open rates, you should also keep an eye on unsubscribing and bounce rates. These metrics tell you whether you're doing things correctly or if it is time to make changes. Of course, don't forget to monitor your conversion rates and whether your email marketing campaigns bring in revenue to your business.

Keep in mind that email marketing is more than just sending out a sales pitch to customers. Your goal should be to provide value to everyone on your list. Provide them with compelling sales copy, impeccable design elements, and hard-to-resist discounts and special deals. By doing all this consistently, you will soon learn that email marketing can be one of the biggest drivers of traffic and revenue to your business.

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