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Nightclubs and Nightlife

Is your nightclub packed every night of the week?

A great atmosphere, fantastic drinks, and the best DJs in the world won't fill your club if you don't tell past patrons. If you own a club, promote a club, or pour a drink, you know that you need to let your customers know where the action is, and provide information that they can share with friends and other potential customers. That is retention marketing. And 2 of the best mediums for retention marketing is text messaging(SMS) and email.

Within minutes, you can setup and schedule text message and email campaigns to club-goers that will keep them coming back, build and following, and increase the revenues of YOUR club.

With EnFlyer, You Can:

  • Offer discounts to patrons that join your text or email club.
  • Promote special guests and events.
  • Promote your social media pages to increase followers.
  • Send in-club drink special text messages.
  • Setup autoresponder links for drink menus, i.e. Text DRINKS to 55555.
  • Schedule automatic birthday emails with table and group specials.


We realize how important communicating to your existing customer base is. That is why we designed EnFlyer to be one of the most simple and effective text message and email marketing platforms on the market.

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