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Why use Email Marketing vs Social Media

Email is one of the most powerful tools in a marketer's arsenal. It's efficient at targeting particular groups, it can be tailored to the recipient's interests, it can be personalized, it allows for instant response, and it's inexpensive to implement.

Email marketing is more cost-effective than direct mail and can cost as little as 1/10 of a penny per email sent.

Opt-in email-marketing, when done correctly, is an optimal tool for customer retention and relationship building. Surveys, feedback, and product announcements are just a few examples of how email-marketing can be essential to customer engagement.

How hard is Email Marketing?

Most email-marketing platforms do not require much technical experience. EnFlyer's web-based system is very easy to use and allows you to create and send your email campaign in minutes. EnFlyer helps you save time by handling social media integration, tracking, reporting, and unsubscribes automatically.

Is Email Marketing only for big businesses?

No. Email marketing has proven to be beneficial for all sizes of businesses big and small. Affordable costs make email-marketing a popular solution for individuals and small businesses.

Email Marketing or Social Media?

Despite the popularity of social media, email is still one of the most efficient and effective ways of communicating with your customers. On average, the most activity resulting from social media posts occurs within the first 4 hours. And, there is no guarantee that all your followers will receive any notification about your post. Depending on your follower's social media activity, your post could be buried on their timeline within minutes. They may never see it unless they visit your social media page often. On the other hand, the life span of an email only ends when the recipient deletes the message. While social media and email can both generate a near-instant response. Significant activity from email-marketing can be seen up to 48 hours after the email campaign has been sent. Also, With email delivery rates averaging 97%. There is a good chance that your customers will receive and read your message.

Answer: Use Email Marketing and Social Media to complement each other.

While email marketing and social media both have their pros and cons, It's actually better use your email and social media marketing channels together. Why limit your exposure? Here are just a few simple ways to use email marketing and social media to build your following:

  • Add a sign-up link/form for your email list on your social media page.
  • Display links to your social media pages in your email campaigns.
  • Offer rewards/discounts for those who share/post your email campaigns on their social media page.
  • Create an email campaign that requires customers to like or follow your social media pages for a chance to win a prize.


EnFlyer offers email marketing and social media tools with pricing plans to fit any organization or business. You can even get started by creating a free email marketing account.

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