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EnFlyer Anti-Spam Policy


This EnFlyer Anti-spam Policy has been created to publicize our policies and practices in regards to our Clients sending unsolicited email (spam), and to provide assistance to recipients of unsolicited email (spam).

About EnFlyer

EnFlyer is a web-based permission email list management and distribution service provided by, Inc. EnFlyer provides the technology and infrastructure; however, our respective Clients manage the email lists and email campaigns sent to those lists. EnFlyer generates revenues by providing our service to our clients for a service fee. In accordance with our Privacy Policy and our agreement with our Clients, EnFlyer does not share any information with any third party.

Anti-spam Policy

EnFlyer does NOT permit our system to be used to send unsolicited email (spam), and enforces our Anti-spam Policy using several methods as outlined below.

Report Abuse

To report any abuse or violations of the EnFlyer service, please file a report by clicking Report Abuse and completing the form. Your report will be registered and that Client will be investigated for violations of our Anti-spam Policy. The identity of any individual reporting abuse will be kept confidential. EnFlyer enforces our Anti-spam Policy using several methods as outlined below.

Anti-spam Policy Enforcement

EnFlyer enforces its Anti-spam policy using several methods:

  • To the best of our knowledge, EnFlyer and the EnFlyer system adheres to ALL state and national laws regarding sending unsolicited bulk email.
  • We provide ongoing training to our Email Marketing Consultants to consult with our prospective Clients on the proper methods they can use to build their email lists, as well as educating prospective Clients on EnFlyer's Anti-spam policy.
  • On our agreement with our Clients, our Clients specifically agree NOT to use EnFlyer to send unsolicited email or spam.
  • Upon signing up for the EnFlyer service, our Clients receive a live training and consultation including discussing the methods the Client will use to build their list.
  • Every Client receives a Proprietary White-Paper of Email Marketing Best Practices.
  • EnFlyer provides the option for Clients to use a Double-Opt-In method of verifying their data.
  • Upon importing a list into EnFlyer, we verify with our Client the source of the list and the method used to acquire the list.
  • All emails sent using EnFlyer include point of origin and routing information as well as identifying information about the Client that sent the message.
  • EnFlyer supports multiple OPT-OUT / REMOVE / UNSUBSCRIBE methods including instructions and a link at the bottom of each email distributed through EnFlyer, automatic opt-out using reply email, automatic opt-out using forwarding email, EnFlyer site Global Opt-Out, and the ability for Clients to remove emails.
  • EnFlyer maintains an OPT-OUT list that restricts our Clients from adding an email address to their list that has been previously Opted-Out.
  • We track all registered complaints related to each Client, and compare the rates against historical averages of abuse complaints across our system. If we suspect a violation of our Anti-spam policy, we will contact the Client and discuss the Clients options, which may range from a warning, to forcing the Client to implement our Double-Opt-In system, to termination of service for that Client, as well as other remedies.
ISPs and Network Administrators

While we do our best to keep EnFlyer free from abuse and encourage our Clients to use best practices to avoid generating complaints, the huge volume of messages we send does generate complaints, both to us, to our clients, and to ISPs and Network Administrators. If you receive complaints about unsolicited email sent from our service, please contact us to report abuse. We will investigate the complaint and respond to you with the results of our investigation.


If you wish to be removed from a SINGLE email list, please click the "OPT-OUT" link at the bottom of the email you received, or, reply to the email you received with "OPT-OUT" in the subject line. You will be removed from that email list and that Client will be restricted from adding your email to their list in the future.

If you wish to be removed from ALL current and future Client email lists stored in the EnFlyer Client Databases, please contact the Abuse team to be added to our Global Opt-Out List here.

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