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Non-Profit Organizations

Give your cause the attention it deserves by using email marketing to build your relationship with donors, alumni and members.

While nonprofits traditionally communicate using direct mail and telemarketing, opt-in marketing is one of the most efficient and inexpensive methods to communicate with supporters. Traditional methods can consume time and resources that are, in most cases, limited for non-profit organizations. While there will always be value in human contact, balancing your efforts with text message and email marketing will allow you to communicate quicker, more frequently and maintain an ongoing relationship with your supporters.

In addition to being able to create emails and text messages that can be sent to one group of supporters or many groups of supporters with no experience required, EnFlyer's text message and email marketing platform can help you produce quick results. Whether it is a upcoming event, last-minute fundraiser or announcement, EnFlyer allows you to send mailings and receive responses in a short amount of time.

With EnFlyer, You Can:

  • Setup Text 2 Give contributions

  • Build and maintain your supporter lists.

  • Communicate and receive responses from staff and supporters.

  • Improve fundraising efforts.

  • Build and schedule monthly newsletters to build awareness.

  • Improve your social media following.

EnFlyer non-profit accounts get up to 20% off our marketing plans and receive customized, hand-on support every step of the way. 501c3 organizations qualify. Verification instructions will be provided after your account confirmation.


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